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Stockli Skis In Stock at Today's Edge in Stowe, VT

Stockli, the Swiss Ski

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length/cm side cut/mm turn radius/m
157 131-95-120 13.0 
166 131-95-120 15.1
175 131-95-120 17.2
184 131-95-120 19.3

Powder Rocker Tips


2018 / 2019 Stormrider 95

Available sizes 166cm &175cm & 184cm

The same ski as last season. The Stormrider 95 plows along unflinchingly even over demanding terrain and gets along well with all snow conditions. Equipped with the Powder Rocker and TiTec, it is torsionally rigid, directional stability, and nevertheless very light. And, like all Stormrider models, it is guaranteed to attract attention with a direct printed Titanal top sheet. A ski that follows your thoughts and translates them into action.

Ski Magazine 2018 The test crew was pleased that the formerly stout Stormrider 95 has been tamed into a smooth pair of sharp knives to chop up the entire mountain. Still more ski than most intermediates can handle, the Stormrider 95 will reward stronger advanced/expert skiers with a very enjoyable ride. Featuring a full-length wood core, rocker, and two sheets of Titanal (with the sleek graphics printed directly on the top layer), this ski is made to charge hard, smoothly.

Powder Magazine Review 2017  I didn’t grow up skiing racing, and it’s only in recent years that I’ve come to recognize a former racer arcing turns down the mountain. There’s an unmistakable confidence, body positioning, strength, and beauty in the way racers ski, and I felt like I could tap into that power when skiing on the Stockli Stormrider 95. Sțockli reinforced the super light core with two sheets of Titanal, making the Stormrider 95 a strong, stable ski in a variety of conditions. Naturally, it is most at home on long, steep groomers, where it rails with seemingly no speed limit. Incredibly easy to roll over, making turns on the Stormrider 95 is graceful and fluid--like driving a very high-end car that just wants to be set free. I couldn’t stop smiling as a linked turned down the steep and chalky Headwaters behind a slew of former gate-chasers. I knew I wasn’t one of them, but the Stormrider 95 made me feel like I could be. Because of the stiffness, I got a bit of bounce in the crud, and this is not the ski for someone looking to spread a little butter. When I took the Sțockli Stormrider 95 front to back and back to front at Big Sky, however, I couldn’t find any terrain or snow type this ski didn’t handle well. The Stormrider 95 skis wider than it is, which isn’t a point against Sțockli for me, but worth noting for a skier expecting something narrower underfoot. --Sierra Davis

Ski Magazine Review 2017 Stockli doesn’t try to reinvent the ski with new technologies every year, and the Stormriders don’t try to be loved by everyone. Intermediates should steer clear of it, testers said. But athletic experts who love to hammer will love the power, precision and high-speed calm of its wood-core, full-sidewall, metal-reinforced layup. In those moments when strength and responsiveness are needed, it’s always there. “An unapologetic charger for advanced skiers,” Larsen said. “Push it as hard as you like.”

length/cm side cut/mm turn radius/m
168 127-88-113 16.9
177 127-88-113 19.0
186 127-88-114 21.2

Powder Rocker Tips


2018 / 2019 Stormrider 88

Sizes 168cm, 177cm, & 184cm

One of our three most popular skis we sell at Today’s Edge here in Stowe, VT.  A new and improved model for 2018 /2019 with new graphics, a slight change in the tip and tail dimensions and beefier construction. The do-it-all among freeride skis will impress with its unique sidewall technology. The new Polywal offers 10 times more impact resistance without a loss of damping. The tried-and proven construction and the Powder Rocker make the SR88 a really fine companion in deep powder and an easy partner when climbing.

Ski Magazine review 2018
While these skis might look like they’re made entirely out of metal and need to be skied by guys who can squat 800lbs, they knocked the socks off the test crew. Testers found them to be surprisingly nimble all over the mountain, and not just for Stöckli’s usual frontside domination. Made with the brand’s signature freeride construction of Titanal sandwiching a not-so-traditional lightweight wood core, the Stormrider 88 has dynamic prowess everywhere it goes.

length/cm side cut/mm turn radius/m
154 127-84-109 13.5
161 128-85-110 15.2
168 129-86-111 17.0

Powder Rocker Tips

2018 / 2019 Stormrider Motion 85

Sizes: 154cm & 161cm & 168cm

This ski has been our top selling women's ski here at Today’s Edge in Stowe, VT. since it came available several years ago. The new model comes with new graphics, three new lengths and slight changes to the side cut dimensions. A true all-rounder: This special women’s freeride ski is impressive with its perfect float in the backcountry. The lightweight balsa-Pachaco wood core ensures you have enough energy reserves after the climb to really be able to enjoy the Stöckli qualities on the descent. Thanks to its athleticism, the Stormrider 85 Motion is quite impressive on the groomers with its perfect performance.

Ski Magazine Review 2018  Holy Stöckli! This ski rips so hard it should come with a warning label and a free helmet. It’s humming with potential energy that tore trenches all over Deer Valley’s Empire Canyon. It’s built with a responsive, lightweight wood and fiberglass core that will eat up whatever you throw at it—provided you’re in the driver’s seat (it doesn’t tolerate skidders). This ski makes mounds of frozen ocean feel like plowable pillows of fresh. Handmade by Swiss engineers—and man, can you feel it

length/cm side cut/mm turn radius/m
154 123-78-109 11..3
161 123-78-109 13.1
168 123-78-109 14.5
175 123-78-109 15.19
182 124-78-111 17.4

All Mountain Rocker Tips

2018 / 2019 Laser AX

Available size: 161cm & 168cm & 175cm

A new model for 2018 with subtle changes. A new 154 cm. length is offered and slight changes in tip and tail dimensions. Same construction and materials as last years AX

The Stockli Laser AX has been our best selling Stockli ski in Stowe, VT.  A  favorite among long time, hard core locals.  Commended for it versatility and handles various snow conditions we get here in the upper North East. A great choice if your looking for one pair of skis to do it all.  Enjoy fresh powder in the morning. Rip tight turns on the slope in the afternoon. Technology that works, the re-engineered AX with its new FEC adaptive technology makes it all possible. The more pressure you apply in the turns, the smaller the rocker is, and the correspondingly larger the surface contact area is with the snow. The new Light Core lends the AX even more pop with the same stability.

Ski Magazine Review 2018  The AX doesn’t require a pair of thunder thighs to enjoy, but when testers put the pedal to the metal, this ski was ready and willing. The top layer of Titanal features notches that assist with easy turn initiation and release at lower speeds but inter-lock together as velocity increases for rock-solid high-speed performance. Testers loved it . Gleason: “Crisp turn initiation, super-fast glide, and strong flex in the tail. A real stand out!”

Snow Magazine Video Review 2018
length/cm side cut/mm turn radius/m
144 120-70-99 9.6
150 120-70-99 12.4
156 120-70-99 11.4
162 119-65-100 12.4


2018 /2019 Laser MX

Available sizes: 150 cm & 156 cm

This is our first year with this model and the response has been over whelming. After a Stockli Demo day here  in March of 2018 several women who skied this model immediately pre-order these skis for this season.

Stöckli has unveiled the first ever Laser ski designed exclusively for women. Our experts worked closely with Tina Maze in its development and in field testing. Its lightweight agility from the Light Core, the perfectly tuned geometry, as well as the curved women’s sizes lend the new MX precisely the right characteristics to impress both on the slopes and skiing side country. Playful with easy handling rounds its typical Laser qualities.

Ski Magazine Review 2018

This thing can turn a catwalk into a slalom course. The first Laser for women, the MX is certainly aimed at experts—two sheets of Titanal, damping rubber, and fiberglass sandwiched with a wood core. Testers loved it on edge, but they whined that it would only make snappy, tight turns and that it was too short to be stable at speed (the longest length is 162 cm). It’s a bit of a one-trick pony—but it sure is incredibly good at that single trick

length/cm side cut/mm turn radius/m
149 123-72-104 11.1
156 123-72-104 12.3
163 123-72-104 13.5
170 123-72-104 14.9
177 123-72-104 16.2

Soft Rocker Tips

2018 / 2019 Laser SC

Available size: 156 cm, 163 cm, 170 cm & 177 cm

We been selling the Laser SC since 2007 and its proven to be a huge winner  with  Stowe skier and most popular model World Wide. This model is un-changed for 2018 /2019.  A really sporty all-rounder: Confident in its extremely universal character on nearly every piste. No matter if a hard or soft base, short or mid-radius turns: With its Tail Flex Control Technology, the Laser SC stands for the best control and ample safety reserves. Relish every run individualized completely to how you feel that day or your personal needs. The Laser SC is always the right partner and is at home on any ski slope around the world.

Ski Magazine Review 2017  Stockli describes the SC as a "race carver." It's similar in shape to the slalom-race-inspired Laser SL, with a negligibly longer sidecut radius, but its wider waist (72 mm, where the SL is 66 mm) gives it more buoyancy so it won't trench too deeply on soft groomers. It's a likely choice for tight arcs on velvety Western hardpack. The Laser Series includes six models of Stockli's highest-performing frontside precision carvers, incorporating race-inspired technologies in detuned constructions that make them more appropriate to resort conditions and more manageable for daylong recreational skiing. All are built on narrow waist widths (66 to 78 mm) for maximum edge grip and edge-to-edge quickness on hard snow. All are wood-core constructions, for responsiveness and durability, with full-length vertical sidewalls for optimized edging, and Stockli's fastest high-density graphite race bases. Three models (GS, SL, and SC) are metal-reinforced for high-speed calm, durability, and torsional rigidity, using two sheets of metal. The other three models (CX, SX, and AX) are metal-free constructions, for lighter weight and lively, more forgiving performance. Stockli Skis, founded in 1935 and under its third generation of family ownership, is based in Wohusen, Switzerland, near Lucerne. -J.C


Number: 375 / 877
Model: 2017 /2018 Laser SX
Size / Side Cut / Turn Radius: 163 cm / 120-70-99/14.0

170 cm/ 120-70-99 / 15.4

Construction: Wood core / fiberglass laminate
Condition: Brand new still in the plastic wrapper
Price: $895.00 with out bindings

Number: 876 / 724 / 035
Model: 2016 / 2017 Stormrider Motion 100
Size / Side Cut / Turn Radius: 166 cm / 136-100-123 / 15.9
Construction: Lightweight Balsa wood core / fiberglass laminate
Condition: Brand new still in the plastic wrapper
Price: $525.00 with out bindings

Stockli Ski - Stormrider Motion
Number: 7455
Model: 2015 / 2016   Stormrider Motion 85
Size / Side Cut / Turn Radius: 167 / 127-85-109 / 15.2
Construction: light weight balsa wood core  / soft flex technology
Condition: Brand new still in the plastic wrapper
Price: $425.00

Number: 191
Model: 2015 / 2016 Scale Delta ( M )
Size / Side Cut / Turn Radius: 177 cm. / 128-83-110 / 17.0
Construction: Combi core with wood and laminated fiberglass. Powder rocker tips
Condition: Used demo skis, used one season, good shape
Bindings: Salomon AM 12 (din 4-12) adjusts to any ski boot sole length.
Price: $495.00