2015/2016 Stormrider 95

There are two distinct phases in every expert skier’s life:  before skiing a Stöckli and after.  Once you pass into phase two, you’re changed for life.  You’ve had a taste of absolute power and there’s no forgetting it.

Note we said expert skier.  It’s not just that intermediates would be paying for performance they’ll never use; the experience could actually be harrowing, like trying to stay on a stallion that’s been stung by a wasp.  The Stormrider 95 has been softened and lightened since it first appeared, but it still takes off every run as if it were being chased. If you can’t keep up, you aren’t going to like the ride.

But if you have the skills, get ready to grin so wide your jaw might fall off.  This is what it must be like to pilot a fighter jet; it seems like there’s no top end to the speed attainable yet one feels totally strapped in and under control.

The Stormrider 95 skis like a GS race ski that would rather decimate a powder field than a race course.  Because of its torsional rigidity, it takes a full dose of speed before it becomes tractable, but for the same reason once in high gear the Stormrider 95 can conquer any terrain on the mountain.  If a Humvee and a Ferrari had a love child, it would drive like the Stormrider 95.