Stöckli’s main focus was, is and shall remain performance on hard snow, so even the relatively soft Motion with its lighter core and rockered baseline – all against-the-grain concessions for the race-obsessed Swiss – holds with such precision that it earned near-perfect scores for carving accuracy. 

“What’s not to like?” inquired Lisa from Footloose. “The Rolls Royce of skis, it instills confidence.”  Several testers commented on how solid and stable the Motion felt, and indeed while Stöckli considers the Motion to be a lightweight, you might think there’s something off with their gram scale. 

The ski is so powerful it doesn’t need length to create an unshakable platform. Most of our testers tried a 159cm, and they still couldn’t shake it loose at speed.  “Powerful… wonderful,” is how Chris from The Sport Loft compressed the Motion’s considerable charms.

Like all ultra-accurate, brilliantly crafted skis, the Motion deserves an owner with commensurate charms.  Its leader-of-the-pack Power rating describes a ski that rewards technical skiing, and if there’s a fly in this exquisite ointment, it’s that the sweet spot is small.  But this should pose no obstacle to the skilled, for whom the Motion will feel easy to manage.