2015/2016 Stocklie Laser Sx

Competing against Stöckli in the Technical category is almost unfair.  They are obsessed with carving accuracy that can be maintained at any speed (but low) over any surface (except fluffy).

Ask Stöckli to build a ski that will hold on hard snow and be prepared for bliss, provided you know how to hang on.  The Laser SX accelerates to 40mph so fast you’ll forget what slow skiing feels like.   This may deter the meek, but Stöckli doesn’t condescend.  So what if the Laser SX likes to run at high revs?  That’s when the ski comes alive, leaping explosively edge to edge with rebound energy that’s a gas to ignite.

The Swiss are well known for their precision, and if there’s a single trait that defines the Laser SX, it’s accuracy.  It can be forced to scrub a turn, but you can tell the ski questions your judgment as you attempt to release the edge.  This ski expects to be driven, and by its definition, driven means carving on a tilted edge. 

A perfectly balanced ski, the Laser SX will make any turn shape in your repertoire as long as your precision matches its own.  If you can meet this lofty standard, you’re in for a special experience.