2015/2016 Stockli Laser SC

The Laser SC loves its turns short, its accelerator pegged, its runs smooth and its pilot skilled.  You can’t fault the Laser SC for knowing what it likes for what it enjoys it does very, very well. 

Its passion is carving, with an old-fashioned camber line that sniffs out a connection to the snow at the very top of the turn.  The Laser SC proves the adage that the modern SL sidecut will make a long turn with far more facility than a shallow, GS shape can slip into a short one.  Still, if the SC could tell you what to do instead of vice versa, it would ask for more medium to short turns, bitte.

The Laser SC and SX are so similar they’re bound to invite comparison, which comes down to this: the SC feels a little softer, so it bows into a slightly tighter arc under a little less pressure at modestly slower speeds.  Note all the qualifying adverbs – like brothers, the skis have more similarities than they’re likely to admit to.