2015/2016 Stockli Laser AX

The Stöckli Laser AX won’t take no for an answer.  Whatever fears you may have about racing down the hill mach schnell, the Laser AX doesn’t want to hear them. It doesn’t share your concerns about getting kicked around in heavy snow and certainly isn’t going to tolerate a defeatist attitude in the face of glistening boilerplate.  The Laser AX has plenty of confidence for the both of you.

The AX can be so aggressive because it insulates its master from the consequences of its actions.  The ride remains smooth and calm, regardless of the condition of the terrain beneath your feet.  The Laser AX is the consummate servant; it strives to make you look good and let’s you take all the credit while it does all the work.

Any worthy ski tester is always looking for the perfect adjective that captures a ski’s essence.  Rich from The Sport Loft nailed the Laser AX when he penned, “Solid, predictable, plush.”  We love the “plush.” It conveys the sense of luxury with a whiff of decadence that the pilot experiences while the Laser AX imposes its will on whatever snow it is asked to subdue. 

BTW, if you want to outfit the Laser AX with its own plate and (Salomon) binding, the tariff will run you $1,419.  If that strikes you as an appalling sum, take solace in the thought that it’s worth it.